Boyce defends work done at Warrens

Former Minster of Transport and Works John Boyce has come out in defense of the work Government has done to improve traffic congestion in the Greater Warrens, St Michael, area.

The Christ Church South MP was at the time contributing to debate in the House of Assembly on a resolution to grant the sum of $10,390,540 from the Consolidated Fund to supplement work being carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Works.

“Warrens was gridlocked. If ever there was a definition of gridlocked, it was the Warrens traffic movement. I was the minster when the project was designed, approved and started and we took a lot of criticism for it.

“[But] I relied on the genius of our engineers at the ministry, along with the consultants that we employed. I relied on their best advice and today we can be proud of the way that the traffic moves around the Warrens area. There is no member of this chamber who can . . . honestly
stand up and criticize that project,” Boyce said.

He was responding to criticisms levelled by the Opposition’s Shadow Minister of the Transport, St George South MP Dwight Sutherland, who said that the works that were done on the Warren Roundabout had cost more “in terms of traffic safety and management than probably the money that has been injected into the project”.

“Last year we had some 26 or 27 accidents in the [space] of five days and I am calling for the Minister of Transport and Works to do two things –  deal with the safety issue at Warrens as you exit the roundabout heading east and turning from the [new] complex.

“That is a fiasco; that is a danger to all traffic travelling on that roundabout. I am [also] asking the now minister to re-look the work that has been done by [his predecessor].”

Boyce told the Lower Chamber, however, that he understood and appreciated the point that had been made by Sutherland that road
markings in the area were critical and as such, needed to be maintained on a regular basis.

“Once that is done that roundabout is as easy to traverse as [the St. Thomas Roundabout at] Rock Hall, Freedom Village. We just have to understand that when we are traversing our roads, we have to stick to the basic principles,” he added.

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