PM says Government will not flip-flop

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is insisting that his government will not be derailed from its fiscal programme.

And he says Barbadians will have to make sacrifices for it to work.

Stuart did not make specific mention of criticism by senior minister David Eswick of the current policies being pursued by his administration.

But the prime minister told those attending the Democratic Labour Party’s St. Andrew branch meeting last night that his government is not playing blind man’s bluff with the country’s economy.

He maintains that his administration is putting the necessary structures and remedies in place to put the country on sound footing.

If you announce that you’re pursuing a course, you have to show that you believe in the course upon which you’ve embarked. You can’t be vacillating and changing today and changing tomorrow. That’s why we build a house with a plan. If you start to build a house and everybody that pass by tell you how the roof should look and you take that advice, the house will never finish. So that’s the route we’re going and I am sure that it will yield the kind of success to which we all look forward,” he said.

Meantime, the prime minister says he’ll tell Barbadians about the challenges the economy is facing and who’ll be held to account for the state of the economy during the upcoming estimates debate in March.

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  1. Kelly A Murrell
    Kelly A Murrell February 10, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Hahaha. That’s too funny. Considering they’ve flipped and flopped around so much, they should be more starved of oxygen than a fish out of water.


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