Kirk Edwards practicing in the nets at Kensington Oval. He says he'll be ready when he's called on to represent Barbados again.
Kirk Edwards practicing in the nets at Kensington Oval. He says he’ll be ready when he’s called on to represent Barbados again.

Dropped but far from daunted!
That was the situation with former Barbados cricket captain Kirk Edwards today as he responded to being expelled from the national squad in Trinidad and Tobago by turning up in the nets at Kensington Oval and practising for more than two hours. Edwards was kicked off the squad by the team management after reportedly refusing to sign for uniforms which he considered of 
sub-standard quality.
In an exclusive interview with Barbados TODAY yesterday morning Edwards spoke of his current troubles as well as the personality he possesses that apparently has rubbed some in officialdom the wrong way. This personality has been described by some as “too strong” but Edwards was of the opinion that a strong personality did not equate to indiscipline.
Defending himself, the 29-year-old described the present contention with the Barbados Cricket Association board as “nonsense” and stated that his strong personality did not reflect poor captaincy skills or indisciplined behaviour.
“I was never made aware that I have any behavioural problems. I just had a good report from the ‘A’ team, specifically the West Indies Cricket Board President and they all get good feedback on me and nobody ever said to me: ‘Well Kirk, we have a problem with your behaviour or whats not’. So it came over to me like a shock at first. But I’ve been through many things like this . . . so I said to myself things do happen, so get over it and move on,” he stated.
kirk2The tall, well-built St Peter resident said that any individual who exudes mental strength or strong leadership qualities should not be viewed negatively. He added that possessing such a personality should not be the precursor to unwarranted confrontation or condemnation.
“I think that is every man’s aim. Even if they are not strong enough at the moment, they would look to get stronger whether they go to read some books or see a psychologist. The mind controls the body. I am an athlete and the way I see it if I don’t strengthen my mind then I would carry a weak body. I would never be able to come out here and represent [the public] in the way that you think you should be represented. I never had a bad report yet . . . I never hear that word indiscipline associated with me yet . . .hence the reason why I became a leader. If I was indisciplined they would never let me lead,” Edwards stressed.
The talented right-arm batsman said that over the past few years he had noticed the unofficial requisite of having strong mental capacity – the type that served greats like Sir Frank Worrell, Clive Lloyd and Sir Viv Richards well in their years – suddenly being replaced by almost slavish subservience.
“Things that I grow up hearing were the right things to do, suddenly become the wrong things now and the wrong things become the right things, so I am confused. I am old school in terms of discipline and. . .how things should function. There is always going to be a right and a wrong way for things to function but cricket doesn’t change much – it is the same cricket . . . . like me recognizing that, a lot of people should recognize that as well. A strong leader in that time and a strong leader now (is the same) strong leader which is required in 
[the future].
“That is how I see it, it is all about strong leadership. The reason for leading is that you have to have the ability to stand up to [and for] your players, to help them on the right path and to go down a line that is successful for everybody. If you aren’t, then you can’t make that happen, that is why then you won’t be a good leader. So I am proud of how I go about my business,” he stated.
Reaffirming his commitment to Barbados’ cricket, Edwards said he did not feel defeated by his expulsion. Rather everyday he still planned to go out, train hard and be prepared for the time when he is again called upon, 
to represent his country with 150 
per cent effort.
The former West Indies vice-captain said: “Every day, trust me, whatever dream I had at 11 or 12 it is just a bigger dream now. Everyday, whatever I could do to add towards me getting closer to that dream, that is what I’m about, that is how I go about my business. I want to be better at what I do, I’m never going to relax and say I am good enough – no I am not, I got to get better all the time. That is the reason for me coming out and putting in my work.
“This is my job . . . this is one of the things I look forward to yearly – to represent Barbados. I don’t think that the ignorance on the guys part will stop me from doing what I have to do. I have to keep preparing. I am a professional, so I have to prepare for anything that could possibly be around the corner. That isn’t going to stop me.
“A champion is never defeated. I consider myself a champion and if something happens today, you got to get back on your bike and ride again. It is not about sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself or bingeing over things that you can’t really take back. You have to think about the next thing all the time – that is how I see it. I’m very grateful for the support I have been getting from the people . . . and I’m very excited to get back out there and  represent them properly,” he vowed.


7 Responses to Undefeated

  1. Linda February 5, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    That’s the spirit Kirk and we’ll said. Don’t let hateful, ignorant boys stop you from reaching your goal…your dream! You have worked hard and continued to do so under much negativity so this too will pass. Those who are trying to jeopardize your career, will be dealt with by a higher power. They want to be like you and go where have been and go where you going but their time has passed and they can’t get past that.
    We will continue to support you and your endeavor. Let the haters continue to hate but there is more love out there!

  2. Carolann Sobers-Skeete
    Carolann Sobers-Skeete February 5, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    I know our star-boy Kirk is mature and disciplined enough to handle this crap. We support you to the fullest and believe in you no matter what.
    Richard and Carolann Skeete

  3. Adrian M Chase
    Adrian M Chase February 5, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Well said Kirk. It is a blessing to hear him speak his mind in such an articulate

  4. Irwin Phillips February 5, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    I wish to congratulate the admirable Mr. Edwards on his demonstrated commitment to Barbados and West Indies cricket, and to extend best wishes for his career at all levels.
    I must also express my disgust with a BCA administration that clearly has priorities other than the best interests of Barbados cricket. I would like to remind them that they have voluntarily chosen to accept responsibilities to the nation and to the region, and their actions have implications for present and prospective cricket players and supporters. Only the most dedicated will choose to be associated with a system that so obviously stinks. Or is it specific board members that stink, while the others allow them to mess with OUR cricket?

  5. Rawle Spooner
    Rawle Spooner February 5, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Well said Kirk don’t back down from idiots like Hartley Reid or BCA management in general and don’t be any yes man tell it like you see it.

  6. Anon February 5, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    I’m not even mad, that’s amazing

  7. striker February 6, 2014 at 12:46 am

    Well said my boy. I am a sports enthusiasts and my son and daughter are probably the best players in the Island at Field Hockey and I can assure you they encountered hell. At 16 years my daughter gained a full Scholarship at a prestigious Division 1 Universit in the USA. My son is probably the best player in this region and over the last 4 years no stone has been left unturned to disparage them. Well, lf you go to her university there’s a mural depicting her achiements she held many records and is one of the few non Americans to make all American division 1in hockey and the only Barbadian to date to gain a full Hockey scholarship at a division 1 school. She started playing for Barbados at age 13.
    My son at the same age but stayed true to his Club and every effort has been attempted to sully his name but it has all come to zero. He is still the best player inthis neck of the woods and has an upper second class honors degree an pursuing his masters he is 22 years old so Kirk stay strong you have the right attitude perfect your trade and remain an independent thinker. Work hard and you will be successful.


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