Now is not the time to be casting blame.

This is the position of newly inducted chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA), Alex McDonald, who issued a call to Government to start doing what it says it would to help improve business facilitation.

McDonald was speaking to members of the media shortly after accepting the chairmanship of the BPSA at the Hilton Barbados Resort today.

He said investors continued to talk about business facilitation, as they remained cautious about investing their money in Barbados.

“I think there is a polarized view [in Government] that says, ‘Look, we are doing as good as we can. Bring the projects and we will fast-track them’, and on the other hand, we are hearing [from the private sector] we brought projects and they haven’t been fast-tracked. The truth lies somewhere in the middle,” said McDonald.

Therefore, he said, it was the intention of the BPSA to provide assistance to members in documenting projects and tracking them.

“Let us track them from the time they go in to the time they come out. How long is it taking? What [are] the stumbling blocks? How can we remove those stumbling blocks and how can we help the country to grow? That would be my wish to move away from mere talk and say these are the facts, and how we can move forward together,” said McDonald.

“What we have to do is assume the position of not trying to blame, but trying to grow. If we can move away from who is at fault! Is it the private sector who is not doing its job or is it Government? We have to move away from that and create an environment where people are not blamed but we try to change and move forward,” he added.

With regard to mass public sector layoffs due to commence any day now, McDonald said: “We have to move beyond the gloom of it and look towards what can the private sector do to step into that breach . . . so that Government does not have to lift that load by itself.”

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