COB donates to YWCA

The current economic climate is significantly affecting

Barbadian children as the numbers going to school hungry

continue to rise.

President of the Young Women’s Christian Association’s

breakfast feeding programme, Andrea Taylor, said further

to that the increased numbers were resulting in all seven of

their satellite offices overflowing with children to be fed

on a daily basis.

Unable to bear the brunt of the cost of feeding these

estimated 12,000 children per day, they are in desperate

need of help.

Taylor was speaking this morning at the City of

Bridgetown Credit Union in the City as the COB president

Christopher Oliver presented them with a $5,000 cheque

to aid in the efforts.

While applauding COB’s donation she also implored other

businesses to lend assistance to the enterprise. She said the

feeding programme was critically calling for assistance. This

did not mean only in the form of monetary assistance but as

well through kind.

“It is indeed heartening that they have reached out. I am

very happy that the COB at this juncture has come to assist

us. They would have assisted us in the past and I am happy

that they have found their way back. Studies have shown that

children can be very disruptive when they are hungry. When

you go and have a proper meal in the morning you can sit

and be more attentive and the teaching time that is due to

you can actually enjoy. As a Barbadian community we got to

say to ourselves, ‘Let us play our part’ because it is critical

that we play our part. We are not asking you to give financial

donations [only], you can give product donations, we are

asking for volunteers as well,” she stressed.

“We need volunteerism to rise. As a non–profit

organization we need all the career-oriented persons and the

not so minded to come and be a part of the fore because we

can do this all together. I am calling on corporate Barbados

– and I am happy to have the City of Bridgetown on board

with us at this juncture – to raise the awareness and to help

us to save today’s children for tomorrow’s future.”

While promising that 2014 was going to be an exciting

year, Taylor admitted that with the existing financial

constraints it was also expected to be a challenge, “but any

challenge that you have will make life exciting”.

”[W]e are calling persons to join the

membership so that we can be a powerful player

in this market place because we need to be at this

point in time. We need to have a voice – a very

strong voice, and to have a voice we must have

numbers so we need to make sure that

that happens.”

It takes approximately $5 per day to feed a child

and while acknowledging that $5,000 might not

go a notable way in the effort, Oliver vowed that

COB will be there for the programme whenever

called upon. He said COB is committed to creating

an environment for the nation’s children which

impresses upon them the importance of practicing

healthy eating habits.

“I know how important it is for children

to be prepared to learn and you cannot learn

on an empty stomach,” he said.

“Breakfast has always been deemed the most

important meal of the day and the correlation

between nutrition and its impact on the

academic performance is paramount. With the

current economic climate as it stands it is the

responsibility of the Barbadian business community

to ensure that our children are not made

to suffer from the scarcity of financial resources

in our homes.

“The most vulnerable people in our society are

our concern and to this end we at COB endorse

the YWCA Breakfast Club’s programme and are

happy to do our part to ensure that our children,

our country’s most precious resource, will be

nourished and protected.” (KC)

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