Biggie’s in!

Biggie Irie has got a feeling. Call it déjà vu but his winning the Digicel International Groovy Soca Competition could once again be reality.

The singer is one step closer after his selection among 41 entrants who have made it into the semi-finals.

By all reports coming out of Trinidad and Tobago, the big man stands an extremely good chance of making it all the way to the finals with the 2013 Crop–Over hit Need A Riddim.

When a Bajan Vibes team caught up with Irie this afternoon he was obviously jubilant about the news.

“I feel good,” the singer said excitedly.

It is the third time for him in the semis and having recently returned to the island from a promotional tour to Trinidad, he was very confident after learning the news yesterday.

“It is a very strong song and very popular. It is doing well from the time it was released for Crop Over last year and it is has been playing all over. It was big in Toronto at Caribana, Notting Hill, in Miami and it has filtered into Trinidad. From September as the other songs came it has kept up the momentum,” he said.

“It is almost like déjà vu because the same thing happened with Nah Going Home. The fact that it is still being played among the top songs is a good sign. From when I was there people were telling me that the song is a staple in the carnival, it playing at the fetes, on radio and even one or two top bands covering it – that is always good. I kind of expected to be in it – but I was happy because it always gives you the opportunity to go further, to be seen at the semis and if you make it to the finals you are viewed by millions and if you win….”

Unable to make it to T&T yesterday close friend and fellow semi-finalist Farmer Nappy drew position number 31 for the lone Bajan competing.

At the February 9 semi-final Biggie Irie will be coming up against some of the best in groovy soca including Blaxx, Tallpree, Destra Garcia, Baron, Super Blue, Saucy Wow, Skinny Fabulous, Kerwin Du Bois, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts and of course defending monarch Machel Montana.

“I have as good a chance as anybody, the most important thing is that the song is sweet, it is a groovy soca. As long as I can go and sing it as sweet as I possibly can I’ll be good,” he said as he revealed he would be taking with him an arsenal of dancers and other special props in the hope of making it to the final nine.

“This semi is like a final, the artistes take it very seriously so you got to be good, sing good, perform good and be a spectacle. Everybody is competition – there are some really good singers. It is not the power soca competition or the Dimanche Gras where singing is not a prerequisite. I interpret groovy as singing sweetly and I think that is what I bring to the table. It is going to be a strong competition with good songs. Just like our sweet soca has surpassed party [music] so has the groovy soca in Trinidad surpassed power soca, so I think I got my work cut out for me but I am going to try my best and represent Barbados as best as I can to make sure that Barbados has a presence.”

While Biggie is the only Barbadian competing to make it to the final, producers of Need A Riddim, Red Boys will not only be in Trinidad to give support but also to big up their three other productions in the semis, Farmer Nappy’s Big People Party, Destra’s First Time and Chucky’s Blazing which are all said to be performing incredibly well.

Scott Galt told Bajan Vibes they were excited but didn’t want to jinx anything by saying too much. However, they were pleasantly anticipating how many would reach the final.

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