Belle: Problem is in politics

Political scientist Dr George Belle believes that the problem facing Barbados has moved from one of economics to politics, and the political problem must be removed.

Addressing a People’s Assembly rally in St Philip last night, he made clear his opinion that the political problem was the current Government which he accused of ineptness and incompetence.

As he launched an attack against the current Government, Belle conceded that the current crisis originated in economic problems outside of the island, “but it has been brought home to Barbados in its particulars, its insistence, its exacerbation by
a bungling and fumbling local problem”.

Belle told the cheering crowd in the St Philip Primary School: “It is this bungling fumbling government, the worst government Barbados has had since adult suffrage, which has been responsible for the indeterminate and wrong policies in response to the economic crisis that are the source of no confidence at this time in the governance of Barbados.”

He contended: “There is a point that economists will concede that economics and economic analysis cannot carry you any further. It becomes a political problem . . . What we have in Barbados is no longer an economic problem; we have a political problem.”

“Investors can not  have confidence in an inept incompetent government, and therefore our problem is more than economic.”

He said that stemming from such a problem there would be a loss of  confidence of investors, no growth and no recovery.

“So one has to remove the political problem.”

Alluding to the location of the Office of the Prime Minister, he said: “If there is a political problem, where is the problem? In Bay Street.”

Condemning most persons in the current trade union leadership for being weak, Belle reached out to elected members of Government for assistance in bringing about the change.

“We need to appeal to the politicians in the Legislative Assembly, whose conscience is troubling them but who are thinking of pensions, to come to the conclusions and the consciousness that if they wish to preserve their pensions, they must join the people and rid themselves of the regime.”

He pointed out that to bring about the change, disaffected MPs needed only to declare themselves Independent members of the House, not cross the floor, thereby making the Government
a minority.

“Vote against the regime, Freundel will have to resign. In three weeks you got elections. You may have three months. But it won’t be long. It would be much shorter than four years,” he said.

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  1. Tony Webster January 28, 2014 at 9:31 am

    The FABLE OF DUNNO, as told to me by Anansi:-
    Why do happy, mature men and women, leave happy homes, families, and jobs…and go volunteer for military service , in times of great national peril? I dunno.
    Why do sinners, vagabonds and ruffians , (like me), at some point, turn their faces upwards, and receive divine blessings, and abundant grace …and sin no more? I dunno.
    Why do wayward boychildren, hopelessly adrift, meet a wonderful sweetheart..and are “transformed” into a sterling citizen? I dunno.
    Why does a greatly-troubled person, out there in the middle of a bridge, suddenly be confronted by a man from Samaria, who chats with him, and they both walk home safely? I dunno.
    Why do (really smart) children always ask ‘but why?” to everything you explain to them..then end by AGAIN, asking: “but WHY”?
    I dunno.
    I dunno anything, but I certainly try to observe; analyse; and come to my own conclusions.
    One possibility confronting us now is the simple, unavoidable, inescapable truth: us humans, as manifested by your family, and by mine, are very, very special creatures of The Almighty… and WE CAN DO ANYTHING…THROUGH CHRIST.
    Your move, my brother.

  2. Cheryl Maynard
    Cheryl Maynard January 28, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    WOW, you have said a “mouth full”. I wonder how many people would stand up with you and agree with what was said. I believed you are correct


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