LIME upgrade

Telecommunications company LIME (Barbados) is expected to complete the 80 per cent expansion and development of its fibre optic network across the island about five months earlier than previously anticipated.

Word of this from Marilyn Sealy, corporate communications and public relations manager, who told Barbados TODAY the expansion and development project was going smoothly and the company would be developing new programmes to assist customers in tracking its progress.

In May last year, LIME announced that it was investing a whopping $100 million in the expansion and development of its fibre optic network across the island.

It was reported that it would be completed over an 18-month period. This involved the company installing an estimated 1,000 kilometres of fibre optics in over 70 per cent of households and businesses, stretching from the north-west of the island to the south-east.

“So that means in a couple of months a majority of homes will be operating on very fast Internet speeds, better reliability in terms of the telephone landline service than they currently receive because we are moving from copper to fibre network,” said Sealy.

Adding that many areas were already connected Sealy said: “We will also be making announcements when we reach other locations.

We are going to have a system in place so that Barbadians can go on to our website, type in their telephone number and see when fibre will be coming to them and to see if they are eligible for connectivity”.

“So there is a lot going on right now and there are exciting times ahead for Barbados.

This $100 million investment is going to transform Barbados and LIME is very happy to be able to do this,” she said.

Saying the fibre connectivity upgrade was free to customers, Sealy added that it was “just a matter of coming to your area, surveying and seeing the capability and getting everything connected”.

And while LIME would not be “cherry picking” what areas to do first, Sealy explained: “Certainly we are targeting areas that would have had a lot of problems with connectivity; landline and Internet in the first instance . . . .We are trying to make sure it is an even ground for everybody, and everybody benefits from this connectivity”.

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