Comissiong: Young people need to be nurtured

Barbados needs to set out to nurture young people into

budding Errol Walton Barrows.

This call came from social activist David Comissiong as he

delivered a speech on the legacy of one of Barbados’ National

Heroes and Father Of Independence to the students of the

Parkinson Memorial School.

Comissiong, who acknowledged he was familiar with Barrow

on a personal basis, said the former great leader of the nation had

made an outstanding contribution to its development, particularly

in the area of education.

He said that the island’s young people had much to benefit

from if they were exposed to Barrow’s values of black dignity,

self-respect and understanding of the glories of achievements of

his own people.

“We in Barbados need to set out to nurture tens of thousands

of budding male and female Errol Barrows. We should set out to

nurture our young people in such a way that they develop into be

the same kind of person that Errol Barrow was.

“And if we are to do that, we have to give them the same kind

of values and education, the same black consciousness, the same

kind of knowledge about themselves as a black people that Mr

Barrow was given,” he said.

The social activist said that the nurturing must start within the

homes ,and if not possible, the slack must be taken up by teachers

in the schools.

“The parents in the home need to do this. If the parents in the

home fail to do this, it must be done by the schools and therefore

the teachers must focus on this area. I looked at the influences

that have gone into making Errol Barrow,”

said Comissiong.

Meanwhile, the school’s principal Jeff Broomes told his

charges to reflect on Comissiong’s speech about the outstanding

Barbadian as he indicated to them that if “it was not for Errol

Barrow, there is no way that I could be standing here right now”.

“You students see a lot of us teachers and think that we come

from all kinds of fancy backgrounds. We are not from any fancy

backgrounds; my father was a fisherman, my mother was a maid

who used to clean people’s toilets and that kind of stuff. But

because of the opportunities of education through Mr Barrow,

I am able to stand here in front of you now in a very comfortable

stage of my life,” said Broomes.

Comissiong also encouraged the school’s library to acquire

the book Speeches By Errol Barrow in an effort to give the

students a detailed insight into the works of the forefather. He

also made copies of books he authored to The Pine, St Michael

institution. (AH)

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