Needy increasing, donations falling

22-01 page 4 & 5aTwo non-governmental organizations are reporting an increase in the number of people who are seeking assistance through their various programmes.

However, a decrease in donations for one of those organizations has forced its management to reexamine some of its programmes.

Andrea Taylor, president of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), said while most of the donors were still faithfully contributing to the organization, the donation had dwindled over time.

This, she told reporters, made it increasingly difficult for the YWCA to continue its Breakfast Club school programme in the way it would like. Taylor pledged however, that the association would “continue to support the children for as along as we can and as best as we can”.

“We have seen a decline at the YWCA in the amount of sponsorship we are receiving, both financially and in product,” reported Taylor.

“We are seeing more children, more numbers coming through our satellite offices and by extension, our general location at the YWCA. What we have done we have been able to streamline our menu,” she said.

Taylor was speaking to the media following a donation by the Sandals Foundation to the St Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church’s Care Ministry Breakfast programme today. That programme provides food for about 100 children daily at two Christ Church schools.

Taylor said with regard to the Breakfast Club, the organization had to “revised the menu options and make sure we are a bit more flexible in order to facilitate those children”.

The YWCA also provides assistance in the areas of sewing, gardening, cooking and reading. Taylor said those programmes were put “on hold” for now.

“We are analyzing now what we should be giving as an organisation because we just went through our strategic planning session and we are looking at the needs assessment of the community. We did a walk through for the domestic violence 16 days of activism where we identified and spoke to a number of persons, over 1,000 people. We are working with that data to create the environment and platform and programmes that are need for those persons,” said Taylor, while expressing thanks to the Sandals Foundation for its assistance.

Meanwhile, Lynette Andrew, coordinator and founder of the St Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church’s Care Ministry programmes, said they were also seeing an increase in the number of people coming for assistance.

Besides the Breakfast Club for schools, the Care Ministry programmes include employment support and counselling.

Andrew said most of the people they were helping were not members of the church, and the increase has been for the counselling and feeding programmes. She said, however, the organization was anticipating “a spike” in the number of people coming forward for help especially for the unemployment programme.

“What we may have to is plan some workshops rather than have people come to us individually. So we may have to put on some workshops to assist people in terms of their skills in looking for job, interviewing and doing their resume and what to do when you are unemployed,” explained Andrew.

She said over the last year they have been able to find temporary employment for four people, half the number of people who sought assistance from that organization in finding jobs.

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