Businesses advised not to cut advertising

Managing director of Screenplay Advertising, Shane Lewis, says he anticipates the number of people using nontraditional forms of advertising to noticeably increase over the coming months.

And agreeing that some companies would consider cutting back on their advertising budget during the ongoing recession, Lewis said now was not the time to do so.

“As to how much you cut I can’t speak to that, but certainly you need to maintain advertising and spread it across all of the main advertising mediums . . . . If you cut your advertising completely you will die a slow death. There is no doubt about it,” advised Lewis.

“Business owners should just try their best to think outside the box. It is easier said than done, not to worry, but stay confident and keep your head high and think of what sort of opportunities could come out of [advertising],” said Lewis.

The Trinidadian-born businessman said there had been a constantly growing interest in some of the offerings, since the company opened about four years ago, especially among telecommunication companies, restaurants, banks and insurance companies.

He added that digital menu boards and digital poster boards were getting popular in the food and beverage industry.

Screenplay Advertising, located in Belleville, St Michael, offers a range of services, including advertising based networks, private radio networks, in-store static advertising management and content development.

The company, which currently employs five full-time staff members and three contract workers, has close to 100 screens in 17 locations across the island advertising for a number of companies.

Acknowledging that a few more companies had introduced digital advertising networks, Lewis said he anticipated competition would increase.

“I am glad to see that a traditional and conservative market like this is slowly opening up their horizons into seeing that there are now other forms of non-traditional forms of advertising that do work and reach their target market,” said Lewis, adding that consumers wanted information fast.

Lewis said his company would be launching a new digital advertising network within the next two weeks and there were a number of other new offerings on the cards. However, he declined to give details.

He said he also had some discussions and had “strongly”considered going into other countries but he did not prepare to do so until careful research was done. Since the partnership with Barbados TODAY over two months ago the company has been getting “very good feedback regarding the implementation of the Barbados TODAY daily newscast”, said Lewis.

“Since we engaged in this project with Barbados TODAY our advertising has actually gone up. More advertisers have come on board because they are realizing that the customers in the establishments are paying attention to the screens more and using it as a source for live information,” he said.


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