Bajans impress Canadian recruiters

Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo says Barbadians looking for work in the Canadian markets have been impressing recruiters.

Speaking over the weekend as a two-day job fair at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre came to a close, she noted: “ . . . Not just these [from Diamond Global]. We have had recruiters from hotels and so on . . . . Every few weeks we have recruiters coming down, and by and large the quality of the worker is excellent.”

The minister said the Labour Department had been working hard to ensure that people who attended similar events had a sounder footing going into their interviews.

“. . . Part of that means that before the recruiters see them, we in the Labour Department have to see them as well and let them know that if you are going to an interview this is what happens. So we don’t just take them raw off the street and send them to the recruiter.”

Byer-Suckoo lamented however that she was seeing a disturbing trend where young people were dressing inappropriately for sessions with recruiters.

“There are too many young Barbadians who walk into workplaces as if it is Saturday night and expect that they can come and impress somebody that they can get the job and when they get the job they would know how to put on business wear.

“. . . And I see that too many girls wearing camisole tops that don’t fit, they don’t cover . . . and the heels are longer than skirts; and that is how they show up for interviews . . . . But I know that they were taught differently,” Byer-Suckoo said.

The minister further stated: “When our young people say they want work, we need to make sure that they know how to present themselves when it is time to get the work.”

The Diamond Global two-day event was designed to recruit people for employment in Canada.

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