Unions under fire

A promised state of the economy address by the Barbados Labour Party did not come off as planned last night.

But the party continued with its People’s Assembly forums – the latest at the St George Secondary School where MP Dwight Sutherland took unions to task for not calling out their members to protest Government’s decision to retrench more than 3,000 public servants.

You are representing workers and you are sitting down and telling them ‘do not strike’ but yet at the end of it all, their children are going to be sitting on the welfare benches. Some of them [are] going to end up in prison and some of them are going to end up at the psychiatric [hospital] because the Democratic Labour Party is playing with the psyche of the people in this country and I’m saying to you enough is enough,” Sutherland said.

However, Sir Roy Trotman has defended the position taken by the Barbados Workers’ Union, stating that the BWU is merely following the process set out under the social partnership protocol.

Yes there may be the pain of some people having to go and yes we said that the answer is not going to lie in my advising people to take strike action,” he noted.

I take strike action or advise strike action for specific purposes but when I don’t believe that going on strike will achieve the purposes I’m looking for, I will not advise people to take the strike action…”

Sir Roy was speaking to Barbados TODAY yesterday after a service for the union’s executive council at St Philip The Less Anglican Church in St Peter.

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