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At a time when Government has embarked on a programme to develop alternative sources of energy to reduce the import bill of fossil fuel, businessman Ralph Bizzy Williams is stamping his authority as a trailblazer in this area.

Yesterday, Williams who was a member of the audience at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the headquarters of the Sanitation Service Authority where alternative sources of energy will be developed, drove an electrically powered car to the event.

Williams is also a trailblazer in the use of photovoltaic panels for the generation of energy in business places and homes.

General manager of Mega Power, Simon Richards, told Barbados TODAY that since his company, which is sole distributor of electrically powered cars in Barbados, was registered as a car dealer in September 2013, he had sold 28 electrically powered cars to customers in Barbados.

“The demand and interest in the vehicles in Barbados is high. As I speak to you there are six cars on the high seas en route for customers in Barbados. There are no emissions from these cars. My company has established 17 charging locations across the island and we are in the process of establishing more. It takes BDS$15 to charge a battery, which is a third of the price of petrol,” Richards explained.

Richards further explained that the vehicles his company sells locally are supplied by Nissan United Kingdom.

Today, while speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Minister of the Environment and Drainage Denis Lowe said:

“The core values that have informed the decision to construct this building are environmental protection, energy and water saving measures and greenhouse gas emissions reducing contributions.

“The ultimate goal of these measures in the construction and operation of this building is to assist in the building out of our sustainability endeavours.”

Recently, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said the development of alternative sources of energy was part of his Government’s plans to restructure the local economy.

Stuart pointed out that many technical jobs could be created with the use of the sun, wind and waves in the generation of energy.

In addition, he argued that with the decline in the use of fossil fuel for the generation of energy, Barbadians could benefit from a cleaner environment.

He and several members of his party also pointed out that households could sell excess electricity to the national grid.

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