New SSA roll-out

The construction of a new $28.7 million Sanitation Service Authority headquarters at Vaucluse, St Thomas, in another 18 months marks the continuation of the rollout of a series of projects to be undertaken by that statutory board.

Minister of Environment and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe made this announcement today while delivering the keynote address at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the administration building of the SSA.

Giving the details of the projects to be undertaken by the SSA, Lowe said: “The new cell four that was commissioned in July, 2012, at an original cost of $26 million came in under budget at $24 million and on time; a waste-to-energy plant at an investment cost US $340 million; a leachate treatment plant at an estimated  cost $31.9 million; a landfill-gas-to-energy project at a proposed cost of $9.4 million; a solar project at a projected cost of US$60 million; a wind-to-energy facility at a projected cost of $24 million; the construction of an ultra-modern mechanical workshop at an estimated cost of $11 million and the Mangrove Beautification

Programme at a projected cost of$11 million.” Lowe pointed out that these projects combined would generate twice as much as the $52.8 million currently allocated to run the SSA.

The Christ Church East MP further pointed out that the new headquarters would be executed under a public/private partnership, where the private entity would design, build, finance and transfer the building.

Explaining the rationale behind the construction of the building which is expected to create 200 jobs, Lowe said: “The core values that have informed the decision to construct this building are environmental protection, energy and water-saving measures and greenhouse gases emissions reducing contributions. The ultimate goal of these measures in the construction and operation of this building is to assist in the building out of Barbados’ sustainability endeavours.

“We are cognizant that the

buildings significantly impact on

our natural environment and

resources through energy and

water consumption. Hence, with

great forethought and planning,

efforts are to be implemented

to reduce these environmental and

economic costs. This building will not

only save water and energy, but will help

advance the SSA’s mission of protecting

public health and handing the next

generation a safer and cleaner environment

in which to live, work and play,”

Lowe added.

The Minister of the Environment and

Drainage gave the assurance that through

the construction and occupation of the

building, “the SSA will be able to advance

the implementation of its vision to have a

comprehensive, island-wide integrated solid

waste management system that is efficient,

effective, productive and flexible in meeting

the demands of a changing service

market place”.

Lowe told his audience that the SSA’s

environmental agenda was based on a

cultural shift away from considering waste

as “useless garbage or trash to regarding

it as valuable secondary material that

can be potentially recovered through

waste minimization, pollution prevention,

increased systems efficiency, and

resource conservation”.


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