Minister: All schools contribute

Stressing that private secondary schools have made a tremendous contribution to the development of education in Barbados, Education Minister, Ronald Jones, told past and present students of the Unique High School that all learning institutions have played a role improvement of the island.

Addressing the congregation at St Matthias Church yesterday during a 65th anniversary service for the school, Jones said private schools filled an important gap when there was a scarcity of secondary education in Barbados.

Unique High School choir being led by teacher Theodora Alleyne in the rendition of a Spanish song.

“You have as minister of education – a private school boy. And this puts to rest a lot of the debate, a lot of the argument, a lot of the discussion about how school can contribute to your development and to your growth, which school you go to and which school you didn’t go to, all of that,” Jones said.

“Just reflect on your own lives and see how you have contributed to the development of yourselves and the community, and of your country, and recognize that you did not play second fiddle to anybody else.”

Yesterday evening was also one for reminiscing by past students who spoke about how founder principal, Mignon Greenidge, instilled in them the discipline and education that have made them what they are now.

Cyril Burke drew laughter from the congregation as he recalled Greenidge’s buzz words when anyone returned late from lunch break.

“She would say, You had rhinoceros for lunch?’,” he recalled.

There was more laughter when he added, “Then, I was the Head Boy. I guess at the time because I had the biggest head in the school”.

That was apparently not Burke’s sole claim to fame, as he let on to having the distinction of being the only student to be condemned to detention while already in detention.


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