Only two options for Government – Comissiong

Social activist David Comissiong
Social activist David Commission

Social activist, David Comissiong, wants the Freundel Stuart administration to form a government of national unity or call fresh general elections.

“Those are the only two options that I see,” Comissiong said.

Contending that the administration is in disarray, he likened the current economic crisis in the country to the situation that existed 20 years ago that forced the Democratic Labour Party government to return to the polls.

“It’s like in 1993 when Mr Sandiford’s government found itself in constant turmoil and confusion. It took a new administration and a new mandate to take the country forward,” Comissiong said at the third People’s Assembly organised by the opposition Barbados Labour Party.

In his vision of a national unity government, Comissiong said the administration should say to the opposition Barbados Labour Party, ” We will give you X number of the ministries to run; to say to other institutions – other important institutions in the society – come on board with us in a government of national unity. This is a special period, let us come together and fight with the situation”.

Comissiong, who is the leader of the People’s Empowerment Party, congratulated BLP Leader, Mia Mottley for inviting him to speak at the People’s Assembly.

“It shows that Ms Mottley is a believer in the politics of inclusion,” he said.

Making a case of the Government being unable to handle Barbados’ economic slide by itself, he said, “Six years have passed and we are yet to see this administration wake up to the reality that they have to lead in order take Barbados out of recession. We have seen no economic growth or development projects or policies over the past six years.

“Four or five years ago it became clear in Barbados that there was a hole. A $500 million hole had opened up in government’s budget.”

The social activist said this led to borrowing from the NIS fund to pay salaries.

He argued that since then Government should have begun working with trade unions to trim its salary bill and cut other expenditure.

“If they had done that, Barbados would not be in a situation it is in today where you are talking about firing 3,500 workers, and getting rid of an additional 2,000 … in addition to the near 400 who were dismissed from the drainage unit.

“If that government had been doing the right thing four or five years ago we would never be at this stage today,” Comissiong added.




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