Mind the ‘small crimes’

Barbadians need to pay more attention to the

“smaller” crimes.

Senator Harcourt Husbands told an audience of

mostly children and some adults this morning: “I think

that sometimes we focus on the big issues like

the crime rate and so on. That’s important, but I

see some things going on in the society also

desirous of open condemnation from

right-thinking Barbadians.”

He added: “I was personally offended

at the desecration of the statue at the top

of University Hill.

“I’ve also seen a ZR driver urinate at the 3W’s

statue. While we should rightly focus on the big national

issues, there are things going on at the lower level that

we also need to focus on.”

He was speaking at the launch of the Schools’

Positive Behavioural Management

Programme at the Roland Edwards Primary

School today.

The program focuses on the all-round development

of children and Husbands believe that this is where it

needs to start in order to fix some of the issues we face

in society.

“The challenges we face will not change overnight,

many of the challenges will continue, but on a

day-by-day basis we are seeing improvement

in the schools,” Husbands added. (DB)

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