Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is pressing

for mass action for change by Barbadians

against the Freundel Stuart administration.

She made this clear last night when

addressing the third People’s Assembly town

hall-style meetings for this week, indicating

that the purpose of these gatherings was to

hear the willingness of Barbadians to act.

Mottley was, however, careful to spell out

that the action desired from the people was

not lawless or violent.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we’re not

talking about breaking laws or riots or

anything. We are talking about the right to

speak out . . . . We are talking about freedom

of assembly which is guaranteed

in the Constitution,” she said to

applause from a packed St Leonard’s

School auditorium.

She added: “You will note that we’ve

started the People’s Assemblies. That is

because I believe fundamentally that power

resides in the people. We are servants

of the people.”

Predicting a breakdown of relations in

households as the continued slide of the

island’s economy begins to hit home for

Bajans, she urged action from the people

without delay.

Responding to questions from the

audience, and speaking amidst frequent

applause, Mottley warned Barbadians against

allowing their standard of living to deteriorate

to the point where large numbers of qualified

persons migrate to other countries seeking

a better life, as is the case with Guyanese

and Jamaicans.

“And one of the things we are not getting

across to the wider population is why action

is urgent now; not the end of this year, not

next year, not the year after, right now.”

She attacked Government’s interim

measure to refill Barbados’ financial

reserves through a loan, contending

that the foreign exchange stock will

nonetheless soon disappear because of poor

economic programmes.

Mottley implored the people to act

against the Government to prevent a further

breakdown of the economy.

“If you delay for another three to four

months you will find yourselves naked before

the world and incapable of negotiating nothing

with anybody because there is a timeline

towards negotiation.”

Seeking to assure Barbadians that they are

in control of their circumstances,

the Opposition Leader pointed to

threatening statements from a Government

Cabinet member when her Barbados

Labour Party began assembling people

to address concerns.

“The power resides always in the people.

Ronald Jones knew what he was doing six to

eight months ago when he threatened that

the possibility of cracking heads,” she said.

“That statement came after I made a

speech at Foundation School asking for a

coalition of conscience and also after I started

the rubbing shoulders programme.”

Further stressing on the call to action,

Mottley said: “I trust and pray that these

initiatives that we have put together to allow

people’s voices to be heard will add to the

comfort that is necessary from others to

come on board and say enough is enough.”

She said her party was willing to lead in

protests for change, “but there has to be a

sounding of the people’s voices first before

anything else can happen in Barbados”.


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