Hotelier calls for tax policy overhaul

ralph taylor

Prominent hotelier Ralph Taylor is insisting that tourism is the only means of getting the island’s economy back on track.

He is concerned that it is globally uncompetitive and says Government needs to quickly address the issue of declining airlift.

Speaking at the Barbados Labour Party’s People’s Assembly last night, Taylor called for an overhaul of the tax policy for the tourism sector to make it a tax-free industry.

I believe we should review all taxes on tourism, making the product at source free of taxes, so that it can be globally competitive while we impose taxes in our source markets. In other words, Government should levy a charge on your tickets like the British have done for all tourism arrivals,” Taylor said, referencing the UK’s controversial Air Passenger Duty.

One Response to Hotelier calls for tax policy overhaul

  1. Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway January 13, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    Last I knew a departure tax is already on Air Tickets collected by the airline for Barbados. The APD tax in UK already reduces traffic and to mean you leave the UK charged a high tax and then have one imposed on the country one is visiting might seem right but will become a government source of continuing increases. It is one thing to pay tax based on an individuals usage and consumption as in a hotel / food et cetra . shops but quite another not based on consumption. Reducing government taxes on material and food imported by a hotel is a better way to go.. / my thoughts per article I have read


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