Youth raise funds for children’s homes

Whoever said that young people were worthless

should rethink that statement.

That’s because a group of about ten young people

from Community Services For The Disadvantage,

is out to prove them wrong. They have been

volunteering their time for years to assist the less

fortunate in society with little or, in many cases,

no fanfare.

The group began a little over a decade ago

with members originating from other non–profit

organisations, but around 2008 it took a break.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY,

president of the association, Desmond Hoyte,

explained this was due to the fact that several

of the volunteers as well worked full-time hence

at times found it a bit difficult juggling work

and the club.

However, in 2013, with the addition of some new

faces and a renewed effort to fulfill their mantra, the

group was re-energized.

So officially starting from last Christmas the

youngsters began to push towards their goal once

more. The first initiative of the resumed group was

to raise $6,000 through a Christmas raffle. When

collected, the funds would be donated to several

children’s homes across the island. The goal was

not achieved as the club was only able to raise

some $1,000.

Speaking at the presentation for the raffle winners

yesterday afternoon in Queen’s Park in The City,

Hoyte said despite this they will not be deterred or

give up. In under two months they have been able

to assist some 150 persons, the young man said, and

he guaranteed that the public will indeed be hearing

more from the group as they had several other plans

for this year.

Initially, when the group began their main focus

was supporting children but, as their name implied,

their renewed goal was to assist a larger section of

people. Thus, they have now expanded to include

the elderly as well as vagrants and are hopeful that

the planned fair plus dollar drive will be helpful in

this effort.

The prize winners were: Shanelle Alleyne, who

collected the first prize of a tablet on behalf of her

daughter Kenya Stoute, while the second prize of a

cell phone went to George Reifer. The third prize

winner was unable to collect the prize of a blender.


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