Four new ambulances for QEH

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital will soon benefit from four

new ambulances.

Medical consultant in charge of Accident & Emergency at the

QEH, Dr David Byer, said that as early as next month the new

Toyota ambulances could be in operation.

“Unfortunately at present we only have one ambulance

and one utility response vehicle which we are using as an

ambulance. So for now we are utilizing the private ambulance

services,” Byer said.

But he assured that “soon our fleets will be supplemented

with up to six ambulances and we will be able to function

effectively as an emergency ambulance service on our own,

except in special situations where we would require the

excess numbers”.

With regard to the 13 three-wheeled ambulances that were

recently donated to the Barbados Government, Byer said that

this would not cause them to deviate from having more normal

sized ambulances.

“I don’t think those vehicles are there to be any mainstream

ambulances. I can definitely say they would not replace what

you normally see on our roads because they do not have the

capacity, they do not have the space and the function to be,”

he added.

Byer mentioned that they might have a role which is yet

to be determined.

“We were given the gift so the task now is to see if they

can be integrated somewhere,” he said.

Additionally, Byer said he was concerned about the

number of Barbadians who were currently abusing the

ambulance service.

“It is not a widespread

thing, but it concerns me. A

couple cases where we would

have gone for patients with

very, very minor complaints.

Centipede bite to the toe,

toothache and other minor

cases,” Byer lamented.

He urged them to stop that practice because they could be

preventing the ambulances from assisting someone with a more

emergent situation. Adding that once a patient is in the vehicle

it becomes unavailable to others for quite sometime.

Byer was speaking at a Press conference today held at the

QEH, to give an update on yesterday’s mass casualty which

claimed the life of one.

He praised all those who assisted yesterday saying that it

was a collaborative effort which caused the operation to run

smoothly for the most part. (DB)

One Response to Four new ambulances for QEH

  1. Sanderson Rowe January 12, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    This is certainly no comfort to Barbadians , as we hear such statements every two years of so. The new ambulances are purchased, and in no time at all they are out of service due to mechanical faults. If this sorry situation has to be arrested, the Barbados Ambulance Service / Ministry of Health, must adopt a practical Preventive Maintenance programme and manage it properly and without fail.
    I have had to look after 40 high priority ambulances,plus a host of other general service vehicles, in another life,and have always constantly maintained an availability of 98 %. Half a dozen ambulances should be a piece of cake to maintain.


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