Coping with damage

St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica still recovering from flash floods

Damage 5

While Barbados and some other islands of the region woke up to rain Christmas morning, our neighbours in the Eastern Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica were coping with loss.

Rains from Christmas Eve caused flash floods and some loss of life in those islands, with Christmas bringing tears and worries of how to cope.

Since then the region has rallied with pledges  of funds, assistance and support,

in hopes that they can soon pull their lives back together.

Loads of goods from Barbados and other islands have been sent to the islands, even as those residents have spent the last two weeks or so trying to put their homes in order.

In St Vincent, eight persons lost their lives, while in St Lucia six people died and both islands recorded millions in losses that are still being tabulated. In Dominica, where the damage was mostly infrastructure-related, days later they too were trying to put their lives back together.

Beyond the Caribbean, some other assistance has flowed into the region as well from Taiwan, the European Union and other organisations and countries, even as the emergency agencies on the ground try to lend what assistance they can.

With the help of the St Lucia Government Information Service, we were able to source some of the images showing just what kind of damage that island is still coping with as the year turns. (See photos below)

Damage 2



Damage 6



Damage 1

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