Awaiting answers

As a distraught St Michael family mourn the loss

of their love one, who was snatched from them in a

vehicular accident on his way to work at a St James

location early yesterday morning, they await answers

to the circumstances which claimed his life, just months

after they had buried their mother.

This afternoon, at their Brittons Hill, St Michael

home, sisters Joyce Blackman and Margaret Mcintosh

told Barbados TODAY  they were saddened that

their older brother 62-year-old George Anthony

Blackman, a gardener of 7th Avenue, Harts Gap, Christ

Church, had died on the spot at Eagle Hall when two

buses collided at the intersection, coming to rest

in the area just in front of the popular R.A. Mapp’s

Bar& Grocery –– and just weeks after celebrated his

birthday with his twin sister Dorothy.

The accident, just after 5:20 a.m. and involving the

minibus driven by 37-yearold,

Kelvin Hall, of Airley

Tenantry Road, Hinds Hill, St Michael, and a Transport

Board vehicle driven by 42-year-old Tyrone King, put

the lives of 32 others at risk.

According to police reports, the deceased who was

at the time, sitting at the back of the public service

vehicle, was thrown from that vehicle.

Blackman, who collapsed when she arrived at the

scene with Blackman’s twin sister and his niece, before

they could identify his crumpled and disfigured body

that lay between the back of B55, in which he was

travelling, and a corner of the galvanized fence of R.A.

Mapp’s, said: “We really ain’t know too much about it,

only what we hear.

“We don’t know what happened because we were

not there. People have different versions of what went

on but we don’t know because we wasn’t there,”

she said.

Blackman recalled that she was at work at Hopefield

Stables, Christ Church, when she received the tragic

news –– which she believed would remain fresh in her

memory for a long time to come.

“Some person told me that my brother was one

of the people that was in the accident. So I called my

sister, his twin, and she told me she would call me

back. When she called me back she told me it was him

that get killed and that we have to go and identify the

body,” said Blackman.

And while they await the answers yet to come, the

siblings say their sibling was a very quiet person who

was always willing to lend a helping hand to others,

whether he knew you or not.

“It is unfortunate that . . . he died on his way to

work. We now bury my mother; we ain’t get over

my mother death yet. It is not even two good months

yet we buried my mother. She died in November,”

Mcintosh, the last of five children lamented.

As for Blackman’s twin Dorothy who was too

distraught to speak, the sisters said they did not

know how she would cope, because, the two always

maintained a close relationship and shared many

precious moments.

“I don’t think it going to be good for her because

that is a bond . . . The two of them came together,”

Mcintosh said.

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