Lancaster ‘not a problem

The 87 houses in Lancaster, St James, Phase

One and Two, are not occupied because successful

candidates have not been able to obtain mortgages.

However, Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural

Development Denis Kellman told Barbados

TODAY he was looking at ways to get them

occupied even without completed mortgages.

In relation to the environmental issues that

surfaced about two years ago, Kellman said those

had been resolved and it was just a matter of people

getting their mortgages done.

“There are people who have gone in to the

[National Housing Corporation] and signed up, so

we are completing transactions on the ones that

are completed and on the ones that have not been

completed have been allocated. Lancaster is not a

problem it is just to get the people in,” said Kellman.

“We are working on a solution which might see

the people in before they complete their mortgages,”

he said, “We have been very proactive on that and I

have brought an approach that I am hoping the board

[of the NHC] will see eye to eye and you might soon

see people in those houses before they even finish

paying their mortgage,” added Kellman.

He declined to give details about that plan.

In 2012 it was reported that the NHC, the

Government agency with responsibility for allocating

the houses, received over 5,000 applications. It

was noted that the timber houses, which are

approximately 476 square feet, were sold for $52,000

each; the wall houses, also about 476 square feet,

were priced at $83,000 and the houses that are

826 square feet are priced at $92,000.


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