Families displaced after fire

Two families at Chapman Street, The City, are now in search of alternative

accommodation after one house was destroyed by fire and another suffered water

damage just after 11 a.m. today.

Muniram Seemarine and his wife Nadira lost all of their possessions in the fire

which, reports indicated, started in the kitchen when no one was at home. The

house was not insured at the time of the fire.

The other house, which was occupied by Imran Collector and his wife, suffered

water damage to a bedroom, and broken louvres.

Meanwhile, in a brief interview with Barbados TODAY, parliamentary

representative for The City, Jeffrey Bostic, who was on the scene said he had

already contacted Chief Welfare Officer Patricia Watts, who had proven to be

very co-operative.

Bostic said: “Watts has indicated that she will send someone to assess the

situation, and speak to the persons who have been displaced. She hopes to provide

some temporary accommodation as soon as possible.”

Bostic, who represents The City for the first time after defeating Patrick Todd

in the February 21 general election, lauded the swift response of Fire Service

personnel to a blaze which could have easily ended in a major conflagration in the

densely populated Chapman Lane district.

Two fire tenders and 12 officers, under the command of Station Officer Tyrone

Trotman, responded to the morning fire.


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