Teachers prepare for new term

While thousands of uniformed students are expected to turn up at their

spective schools for the start of the second term of the 2013-2014 school year

tomorrow, hundreds of teachers were engaged in planning sessions today.

Teachers turned up at their respective schools across the island to prepare

their registers and teaching plans, as well as to get other final details and necessary

arrangements together. Some schools were also being cleaned and spruced up by

general workers.

Last Friday, through the Government Information Service, the Ministry of

Education, Science, Technology and Innovation issued a statement indicating that “all

public nursery, primary and secondary schools will be opened and fully staffed on

Monday, January 6, 2014”.

The ministry further assured parents and guardians that they could be confident

that the delivery of education could not be compromised in any way.

That statement followed a Barbados Union of Teachers meeting at the Barbados

Workers Union headquarters where president Pedro Shepherd gave his membership

assurances that their jobs were safe, for the time being; and a statement by the

Barbados Secondary Teachers Union that same evening to a similar effect.

Earlier today, speaking to Barbados TODAY team at the Wilkie

Cumberbatch Primary School where he teaches, Shepherd said most, ifnot all teachers would have received calls from officers at the Ministry of Education

being informed about what schools they were being assigned or reassigned to.

On that note, Shepherd explained that he was aware that teachers used the

opportunity to meet as a staff and also in departments to plan for the school year.

“There might be two or three who have not yet received their calls from the

Ministry of Education, but I believe during the course of today that would be done

as principals meet and they put the programs in place where there are shortages.

“Last term you would have had some persons going on term’s leave, so you

would have had some temporary teachers filling in for those. So any displacement, it

would probably only be a few of those who were assigned to replace those teachers

who went on long leave last term. But some of those too would also be assigned

this term because teachers again are going on leave this term. Schools should start

with a bang tomorrow,” he said.

The team also visited other schools in the St Michael area to see how their

preparations were going. (AH)


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