No retreat!

Time is of the essence.

That is the warning this evening from Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, who says job cuts in the public sector are both inevitable and inescapable at this time.

Sinckler, who is scheduled to meet with the representatives of the major trade unions here tomorrow, told a press conference that while the door remains open to negotiations with the trade unions, the long overdue process of reform must go on starting with in excess of 3,000 jobs already earmarked for layoffs.

He also reported that a final report is due to go before cabinet shortly on the future of 19 statutory entities.

Cautioning that it could not be business as usual, he said said some of these will go out of business, while others will be merged or privatised.

Meantime, the finance minister is warning that there is no possibility of Government going the route of a three per cent pay cut as this will have legal implications.

While conceding that the National Environment Enhancement Programme, which employed drainage workers has run its course, he said Government had no intention of reversing its policy on free bus fares for school children.

2 Responses to No retreat!

  1. David E Hall
    David E Hall January 6, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    The DLP needs to retreat from Government.

  2. Tony Webster January 7, 2014 at 5:58 am

    We all trust our “professionals”, be they doctors, surveyors, or lawyers (ahem); and even unto our leaders… because we believe them…trust them…and because they are “qualified”, while we…we are not.

    So if your surgeon “went in” to fix your appendix, but you awoke to find your left foot missing, and he sez to you, “Well, Sir, a lil’ mistake mek, but trust me…I can fix this for you in a jiffy”…what do you do? He might indeed perform a miracle, and re-attach your beloved foot…but waidaminit: he also might remove the other foot, to make things “match-up” much better! Hmmm?
    What, exactly, would you say, or do?
    Fasten seatbelts please.


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