Mottley: Full scale of problems not addressed

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has once again failed to reveal the full scale of the difficulties confronting the country, says Opposition Leader Mia Mottley. She levelled this charge at Sinckler this evening in reaction to comments by him as he addressed a Press conference today at Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St Michael.

Mottley said: “Yet again the Minister of Finance has put the country on pause with news of how this Government will protect and save the lives and quality of life of Barbadians. There is still no clear programme on restructuring. We continue to face the issue of having to print money. Our reserves continue to have an underlying downward trend and perhaps even more worrisome, workers today will continue to be more trepidatious particularly since the massive and unlawful layoff from the Drainage Unit on December 31.”

The Press conference called by Sinckler tackled a number of economic related issues stretching from the current retrenchment of temporary public service workers by Government, to the situation with CLICO, Sandals concessions, and upcoming discussions with stakeholders on the state of the economy.

Mottley, however, once again joined with other Opposition members in expressing concern at the silence of Prime Minister  Freundel Stuart.

The St Michael North-East MP said: “We have to ask what will it take for the duly elected leader of Barbados to come to the fore and speak to his people. Nothing new has been said; nothing has changed and nothing different will happen.” (NC) 


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