Barbadians stranded

A group of Barbadians is stranded in the United States.

Teachers Barrington Yearwood, and Renaldo and Lucia Parris are among those who have been fighting to get on flights to return home as US airports battle travel chaos following last week’s snow storm.

Yearwood, who was due home yesterday, tells Barbados TODAY that the earliest he could rebook a JetBlue flight was January 12.

I guess I have to go to the airport today and hope for the best, hope someone helps me out somehow,” he said.

Lucia was forced to book flights on another airline, but has to go as far as Trinidad before she could get back to Barbados.

We were literally heading out the door when we got a message that the flight was cancelled. I never had to deal with a cancelled flight before so I didn’t know what to do,” she recalled.

I was [online] booking the flights and I just saw the flights dwindling in front of me.”

A JetBlue spokesperson said part of the problem is that the New York to Barbados route is served by only one airbus plane, which seats just 120 passengers.

Because many customers had booked trips home after the New Year’s holiday, there wasn’t much capacity to absorb passengers whose flights were cancelled.

At the Grantley Adams International Airport, GAIA, in Barbados, there were no reports of stranded passengers up to yesterday evening despite several flight delays and cancellations.

Over the last couple days the weather had effect on the two flights coming out of New York, namely JFK and American Airlines, which come out of JFK in New York so that those flights would have been either cancelled or delayed over the last few days coming into Bridgetown,” said Keith Goddard, corporate communications specialist at the GAIA. 

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  1. Edward Millington January 6, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    So sad to hear.

  2. Poetry Dancer
    Poetry Dancer January 7, 2014 at 3:14 am

    Nothing they can do if the planes cannot take off.


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