Plan coming to fight drug abuse


Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Braithwaite  says a plan aimed at charting how the country tackles drug abuse will be implemented shortly.

He told the congregation attending the National Council on Substance Abuse 2014 Drug Awareness Month service at the First Baptist Church on Constitution Road that he is now awaiting the document from the council.

“To be frank, we are a bit behind and I look forward to having that document in hand in a couple of weeks. We are also committed to starting a Drug Treatment Court [based in the Supreme Court]. It is another mechanism to move people from the impact of drugs into having a positive life,” he said.

“We want to use that opportunity where there are individuals for whom drugs [are] the root cause of their criminality; address [that] root cause so that in the end it is our hope that that will reduce or reduce the move towards criminality in the future.”

Brathwaite, who is also attorney general, referenced an article published on Friday by Barbados TODAY in which a representative of the drug treatment facility, Verdun House, stated that more young Barbadians were coming forward to be treated for drug and alcohol abuse.

“It is a real problem in our society.  It is a problem that we collectively, not only the NCSA, not only the Ministry, but the church, all of us have a role to play.  Don’t believe for one minute that this is an issue for people in certain areas.  It is an issue for all Barbadians. So from a community level, from a school level, from a church level, I am calling ion all Barbadians to recognize that we need a collective effort to reduce the impact of drugs in our society,” the Minister added.

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