More young Barbadians seeking drug treatment

The number of young Barbadians coming forward for treatment for their drug and alcohol use appears to be on the increase.

This is according to drug treatment and drug prevention officials here, who say they were concerned about new trends they noticed in 2013, including more parents supporting their children drug habits and more people becoming dependent on a number of legal medications.

Marietta Carrington, director for human resources, communication and client development at Verdun House, told Barbados TODAY: “There is a global trend emerging where individuals are turning to homemade drugs made from ingredients that are readily available and legally obtained. This trend is catching on in Barbados”.

One of those drugs is the Krokodil or Desmorphine, a derivative from morphine. The high associated with this homemade drug is similar to that of heroin, but lasts for a shorter period. It is made from over-the-counter medications.

Carrington said: “In relation to the clients that we are noticing there is a younger client emerging”.

Verdun House caters to males, ages 18 and older. Carrington explained that the number of people in the 18 to 25 age group who experienced their first addictive substance at eleven years or younger had declined.

She said, however, “Our information is showing that marijuana use is on the increase in terms of that younger population . . .We are seeing an increase in the number of younger clients presented with marijuana and behavioural problems”.

“Another observation is the increase number of clients coming to Verdun House with concurrent issues. In simple terms this refers to a client presented with addiction as well as mental health disorders,” added Carrington.

She said this year the organization would be placing a strong focus on the retraining of counselors to be better able to deal with emerging issues.

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  1. Angel OfThunder
    Angel OfThunder January 4, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    Don’t just say drugs say which ones please,u mean legal or illegal???….


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