Enough is enough!

The property at the centre of the dispute.
The property at the centre of the dispute.

We can take this no more!

This was the outright cry of several residents in Dean’s Village in St Michael when a Barbados TODAY team visited the area.

It was all as a result, they said, of repeated complaints that a fellow resident’s unkept property was causing mosquito and rat infestations. The residents, many who loudly made their opinions known, told this newspaper that it had become a daily dispute between them and their neighbour.

Nicholas White said since moving to the area some three years ago the problem persisted but after several complaints to health inspectors with none reaping success he was now at this wits’ end.

Taking the Barbados TODAY team into his backyard and around his premises as evidence that his surrounding were clean thus not the cause of the problem, White described the situation as “desperate” and a “great problem”. While he noted that his girlfriend was presently sick with fever and they were afraid it might possibly be dengue.

Another resident, Sisly Alleyne, declared she was fed up.

“If we having a problem? I went in the paper already too and them ain’t do nothing. If we fed up? More than fed up. We want out here clean up but nobody won’t clean it up. This is too long. The mosquitoes – girl, I got to buy Baygon, citronella – I got all kinds of spray to spray on pun myself for the mosquitoes.”

Inspectors come and they want to see in here (pointing inside her house), I don’t be home and when them put the paper in here I throw it way because I ain’t want to see them. I want to see them clear up here. There needs to get clean up… and don’t talk about the rats, them got the rats out here like mad,” she stated as she pointed to the area directly opposite her house where a number of the old cars were stored.

“We complain and complain and it falling on deaf ears. I had dengue twice and I can’t tek this no more . . . nobody does nothing about it. I got so much mosquitoes in here you won’t believe. Every night I does got to be flicking, flicking… you know how much of these I went through, and them ain’t cheap,” said Alleyne as she held up containers of the insect repellants she uses.

Rommel Jones, who told Barbados TODAY that he was the owner of the property which has been the sticking point, dismissed the claims that the old vehicles on his property were a haven for pests.

He said: “Before I came here my grandmother had a mango tree and when a mango drop down I would see a rat, that is because all out here was bushy [but] I have not seen a rat since. I born here; all of them come and find me. Right now I got a Jack Russell in my yard and I never see it catch a rat yet. So I don’t know how these people saying them seeing all these things but still yet I don’t see. Rats is every where in Barbados and I don’t ever see a rat out here.

“The mosquitoes are a given. I was in the Gymnasium up to last night and mosquitoes were biting me so I don’t know what is the excuse about mosquitoes. Even the other … woman there, her sister live up the road and she still had mosquitoes you tell me mosquitos does fly upwind? Mosquitos aren’t as a result of all the old cars,” he said.

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