Sir Roy takes issue with BPSA


The head of the island’s largest private sector union is taking issue with comment attributed to the chief executive officer of the Barbados Private Sector Association, Anne Reid, to the effect that Government should stop the consulting and start implementing, drawing a reference to a ten-point plan submitted by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) to Government, aimed at reducing proposed job cuts in the Public Service.

In a statement, general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), Sir Roy Trotman, said such remarks represented “a further effort by the employers in Barbados to throw away the bath water, without consideration for the baby’s safety”.

“[I regard] the private sector’s action as a travesty today that says, inform the union today and implement without change six weeks later . . . . There is still room for further reflection: the baby is still in the basin; throwing the water and having fresh water may be okay, but the baby, however, must be saved.

“This is neither the text nor the spirit of the tripartite protocol; nor was it the intention of the parties when we met to agree on the principles in the Employment Rights Act,” he said, adding that seekers after truth should be trying to urge proper consultation in the interest of social justice, rather than merely to fatten the corporate pocketbook.

Sir Roy noted that professors at Cave Hill who yet had the vision of a more enlightened Barbados, built on the efforts of labour, must abhor the command of Reid’s.

“[O]ur academic support should read Ms Reid’s demands to stop consulting as a self-seeking piece of language intended to completely remove any leverage labour will retain in the required process of social dialogue,” he said. (RG) 

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