Happy New Year!


From banana-flavoured confetti to a massive display of 400,000 pyrotechnics – the world has already begun to ring in 2014.

In London, there is supposed to be an extravaganza of banana-flavoured confetti, that’s supposed to be choreographed to the fireworks, as floating oranges drift across the sky, popping with a citrusy scent.

Dubai on the other hand seemed set to out-do the customary spectacle that is Sydney, Australia, as that country set up a six-minute show featuring 400,000 pyrotechnics over 400 parts of the Dubai shoreline. That’s 100 kilometres of waterfront lighting up. If this comes off, it will set a new world record, oblitherating that set by Kuwait last year of 77,000 fireworks in 64 minutes.

Australia and New Zealand had the usual spectacles of fireworks that were carried around the world in pictures as they were among the first to ring in the New Year.

In Bali, Indonesia, rather than the firey burst of midnight crackers, it was a festival of colour and culture as that nation held a sundown activity to remember.

In New York, people began to gather for the drop of the ball in Times Square, as other parts of the US readied themselves for similar festivities.

Here’s a snapshot of 2014 in different parts of the globe.

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  1. freeagent January 1, 2014 at 8:43 am

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish Barbados, the Caribbean and the rest of the world, a blessed and prosperous 2014.

    I am grateful for those who kicked off the year in God’s house. I am also thankful for those who prayed for world peace and those who sought God’s continued blessings on this little island Barbados. I implore you to bathe this year in prayer where we seek God’s continued guidance on our leaders both Spiritual and political.

    On a side note, the fireworks at the Hilton were truly spectacular.


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