Readying for Old Year’s

It appears as though some store owners in The City may be ending the year on a bad note, as they are not seeing Barbadians coming out in their numbers buying that outfit to wear to that special party, dinner, or even street lime tomorrow night to ring in 2014.

During a Barbados TODAY visit to Bridgetown early today, store owners told the team that while some people were looking for that perfect Old Year’s Night attire, a majority appeared not to even be interested in buying anything.

Barbara Lightbourne, owner of Rainbow Boutique, said she was yet to see the usual rush of shoppers to her store looking for a new outfit.

IMG_0046 copy“It is not like the usual hustle and bustle and excitement that we are accustomed to seeing at this time of the year. We are not feeling the excitement in the store. Last year was much different because people were shopping. If people do come and ask for something, it is a dress to wear to church. People are not really asking for party dresses. I don’t know; maybe, people are going to church to pray for a better 2014,” said Lightbourne.

Viewing things in a similar vein was Curtis Edwards at Ruff ’N’ Tuff Boutique, who said he was yet to see people start shopping for what could be deemed as one of the most popular nights in the year.

“Last year was good but this year was . . . . I don’t know what’s going on that people ain’t shopping. I opened on Sunday and business was dead. This is not normal for this time of the year,” said Edwards.

A representative of D’s Mega Styles, encouraged the team to look around and judge the atmosphere of the prominent Swan Street shoe store.

“It ain’t like last year; last year in here was burst,” the rep declared. “Look at in here. In here look like people shopping for Old Year’s Night?”

Meanwhile, Allison Wilson, senior supervisor at Super Styles reported that sales were steady as “people [were] coming in periodically looking for that right shoe to wear tomorrow night”.

30-12 page 6 & 7According to Wilson, business in the store at this same time last year was “way better” than it was this year.

“This morning people were coming and looking for a nice shoe to wear, but that slowed down later in the morning. People should start coming again this afternoon and tomorrow,” said Wilson.

A check with a number of salons and barber shops showed that Barbadians were not rushing to get their hair and nails done, as some hairdressers indicated they were only meeting appointments.

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  1. Clyde January 1, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Good,Good,Good,Bajans are getting smart.
    Save a little for those rainy days.
    Check the store owner who said that he did not know what was happening.
    Check The News Man,Check The News


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