RBPF wants increase in numbers


At least 100 more good men and women is one of the main wishes for the Royal Barbados Police Force, going into 2014.

Acting Commissioner Tyrone Griffith told reporters this morning before a walk-through of The City that in recent times there had been some improvement in the force’s recruitment. However, he added there were still some difficulties attracting the “higher-end candidates”.

“Barbadians still are not coming forward in their numbers as we would like to join the force. I guess with economics, this would improve, given the economic situation. People would want a secure job and we might have an increase in numbers, but generally there has not been that significant pull towards the institution,” the top cop said.

Reviewing 2013, Griffith noted it was a very successful year for the force.

“We are policing in difficult economic times and the likelihood of crime obviously will seem to be more prevalent. However, I think that we have been able to reduce crime quite significantly this year over last year to a point of about a five percent decrease overall. We have done quite well in the circumstances.”

Griffith also announced plans for further enhancement of police response in cases of domestic violence.

“Of significance is training. We must continue to train our members as to how they should deal with these matters. The systems that we have in place already are workable. [In terms of manpower] at this time, we are happy with what the unit is doing,” Griffith said.

Meanwhile the Royal Barbados Police Band has a new director of music. He is Senior Superintendent Keith Ellis. His instruments of appointment were handed to him by Griffith this morning during a brief ceremony at Police Headquarters in Roebuck Street. (RG)

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