Mixed fortunes at sidewalk arts market

Artist Omawale in conversation about his paintings with two viewers.
Artist Omawale in conversation about his paintings with two viewers.

A Christmas sidewalk exhibition and arts market at Heroes Square yesterday got mixed reviews as some exhibitors experienced low sales while others were satisfied, but they all agreed on the need for changes to get more success at future events.

About a dozen artists and artisans showed off their wares under tents at the event hosted by the Ministry of Culture, hoping to attract some of the Bridgetown Christmas shoppers.

“Sales were enough to make the day okay for me,” said Fred Odle, who had on display a cross-section of work ranging from paintings to acrylic.

He wants repeats of this craft fair, but thinks that the difference between a satisfactory sales day and an excellent one is all in the timing. Odle reasons that because visitors to the island are the main craft buyers, future exhibition days should be made to coincide with cruise ship arrivals and bus trips from hotels that bring tourists into the city.

Another artist, Omawale, also spoke about the need for a better strategy to get potential buyers passing through these types of exhibitions.

“Position the tents for people to flow through,” the veteran Barbadian artist said, adding that he looks forward to more opportunities to show off skills at Heroes Square.

2 Responses to Mixed fortunes at sidewalk arts market

  1. Beverly Gerber
    Beverly Gerber December 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

    What a lovely idea. Keep it going

  2. Ariane Murphy
    Ariane Murphy December 22, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Beautiful! I have a painting on my wall that I bought 17 years ago from a friend (Maurice aka Gussie) at the Kings Beach Hotel, St Peter. Don’t know if he’s still around and painting…????


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