Not so NISE emails


The email service of the company which manages the external database of the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE), has been compromised.

This has resulted in a number of clients receiving unsolicited emails on behalf of NISE. This breach was believed to have taken place yesterday.

Chief executive officer Kim Tudor has warned that persons should not respond to those emails. In fact, Tudor suggested they delete them.

As a result of the breach Tudor said NISE was receiving a lot of telephone calls from people “cursing” and others who “just wanted to draw it to our attention”.

She said some people have gone as far as to block emails from the company “for the time being”.

Saying she had no idea where the hackers were located or why someone would possibly hack NISE’s database, Tudor said: “The trust that we have built up has eroded . . . the calls this morning have been non-stop and people are irritated. A man said he got as many has 60 emails in his inbox and another guy said he can’t get anything sent. So people are livid.”

She told Barbados TODAY a solution has since been put in place.

In a statement from NISE, Tudor advised people getting emails from admin@nisebarbados. info and not to reply to them.

“Once you reply to it, it gives these people access to all your email addresses. So it is a virus that gets worse. It is nothing to reply to,” cautioned Tudor.

The statement read: “In the event that you have received any of these emails, please contact 836-6185. We understand that a solution has been put in place and this situation should be resolved within the next 24 to 48 hours. NISE apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.” (MM) 

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