Sunny outlook


18-12 page 6&7aDespite the cloudy forecast for Barbados’ economy with at least 3,000 Government workers expected to be sent home in the first quarter of next year and a question mark over whether the private sector can hold strain, one charity has a sunny outlook.

The Salvation Army reported today that it was seeing an increase in donations from the local business community, with banks and other businesses boosting their monetary donations throughout the year, especially this yuletide.

Major Denzil Walcott, the army’s public relations officer, told the media this morning that this was making it possible for the charitable organisation to carry out its numerous social programmes and gave out its annual Christmas food hampers.

He was speaking during the Barbados Division Christmas Hamper Distribution at the Army’s Reed Street, Bridgetown headquarters.

Walcott explained that while the Army had already collected a large number of donations, it expected to collect more as businesses offered financial and tangible support.

“Majority of businesses recognize that there are people in pour society who will not be able to help themselves and so in our appeal they have responded positively. And we have not only corporate, but other private citizens who have come on board and we expect their contributions. People are giving and we thank Barbadians for that,” he said.

The public relations officer expressed that it was very important for the needed support from the business community to continue because there were many Barbadians, including those who were employed, with the inability to meet all of their personal needs.

“It is true that we can’t help everybody who has a job but there are people within our society who are working, who still can’t meet their basic needs and the Salvation Army is here to help those in need,” said Walcott.

As for the army’s annual Christmas Kettle Appeal, which was launched in November, the major said thanked corporate Barbados and other members of society who contributed to the major fund-raising effort on the Salvation Army calendar. The Kettle Appeal is being sponsored by the Scotia Foundation, and the Army is hoping to raise $700,000 to support its social service programmes for 2013 to 2014. (AH) 

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