Update on deadly soft drink


Both the Barbados Standards Institute and the Department of Commerce have been made aware of a potentially hazardous soft drink believed to be on the market in Barbados.

However, efforts by Barbados TODAY to reach a representative from both organizations to ascertain what action, if any, would be taken, proved unsuccessful.

Executive director of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association, Bobbi McKay, confirmed to this newspaper that she contacted the BSI and Commerce about the development but was informed that they were aware nevertheless, she too was uncertain of what would result next.

On Monday, December 16, Barbados TODAY published the story on our back page headlined Caution!, which sought to inform the public about a fizzy drink believed to have caused the death of a Vincentian–born resident of the United Kingdom, 33–year–old Joromie Lewis.

UK police reported that Lewis brought the soft drink called Cole Cold Pear–D, back with him after a trip to the Caribbean. It is alleged, he died soon after consuming the beverage, which tests later revealed, contained a lethal amount of cociane.

The drink, bearing the code “BB Jan 08 14” has since been recalled in Trinidad and Tobago, where it is said to be manufactured by S.M. Jaleel & Co Ltd. Nonetheless, Barbados TODAY has been unable to confirm if the drinks have as well been recalled here. (KC 

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  1. lynda December 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

    that drink wasnt for him, it was a traffic cocaine drink, unfortunate for him.


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