Innogen innovating


Innogen Technologies is expected to bring a new product to the market that should help customers with massive energy storage capacity.

Chief innovation officer Mark Hill told Barbados TODAY his three-year-old renewable energy technology company was experimenting with Lithium ion solution to aid in the storage of energy so customers could become independent of the national grid.

This technology, he said, should be available to customers by June 2014.“As oppose to the sun just providing eight hours of energy, we are now talking about being able to store that power [and] the household being able to run 48 hours or 72 hours just on what is stored. So with that kind of capacity there is no need for the utility in a sense. So it is really about building out the smart grid, a robust decentralized energy distribution system. That is what we are working towards feverishly,” he said.

Hill did not give details, but said the experiment has been going on for about six months now in collaboration with a company in the United Kingdom.

“We are working towards making customers independent of the grid. We are talking about storage in terms of megawatts of energy,” he said, adding that the focus on renewable energy should now be storage.

“We have brought in the lithium ion technology so far and test it out. It is being tweaked to perform how we want it to perform. But what we are introducing immediately into the market is the Innogen Smart Energy System (ISS). That is a system that allows you to feed into the grid if you want to just by programming it. You can live [independent of] the grid or do both. So it gives you all the options you want as far as your energy management is concerned for your home or business. So that is where we are going,” explained Hill. (MM) 

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