Holetown to be spruced up


Holetown will be getting a facelift this weekend as businesses embark on a campaign entitled Shine Holetown.

Initiated by the Holetown Chamber of Trade Inc., Shine Holetown, the Chamber said, is about “excelling at everything we do, about being the best that we can be”.

“We want our streets and our buildings to shine, inside and out, by being spotless and well maintained.

“We want our product offering and our attitude to shine by displaying the highest level of customer consideration, and we want our faces to shine with smiles of pride and happiness. When people visit Holetown they must be inspired to let their lives shine,” said the chamber in a statement.

It explained that the first step would be a deep cleaning of the streets tomorrow, in collaboration with C.O. Williams.

A broom truck and clean-up crew will be deployed between Folkestone Marine Park in the north and Molyneux Road, near the Sandy Crest Medical Centre in the south.

The Royal Barbados Police Force will direct vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic to ensure the safety of the participants and the general public, the Chamber said, as it apologised to the public for any inconvenience that might be experienced and asked for understanding and cooperation as it attempted to make public visits to Holetown “a much more enjoyable experience”.

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