Worrell: We will pull through


Despite the floundering economic position in which Barbados presently finds itself, Governor of the Central Bank, Dr Delisle Worrell, has suggested that any challenge can be overcome by believing in ourselves.

“People who come to Barbados are amazed at how we have been able to bring this country and society to the level of living and quality of life that we have been able to achieve without any material resources,” he said, stressing that all we have achieved have come through ingenuity, our own talents and abilities and through making our way in the world.

Worrell further suggested to Barbados TODAY that current circumstances were not comparable to what our parents and grandparents faced in the 1930s and 1940s.

“They are not even comparable to the difficulties that this country faced in my time at the Central Bank in 1981, 1982, 1983, in 1991, 1993 . . . . We faced domestic circumstances, which were much worse than we face now even though the external circumstances were not as bad. What is bad now is that the external worlds, all of the things that we make our living by, our tourism, our international business, in all of the markets we are having difficulties.

Dr. Delisle Worrell
Dr. Delisle Worrell

“[B]ut in spite of all of that we have kept our economy on an even keel. And we are doing the things that are taking us in the right direction, so we have every reason to expect a brighter tomorrow based on the things that we know to do and that we are already embarked upon,” he noted.

The Governor further opined: “[A]ll we have to do is believe in ourselves; it is working or us and it will get better. This is not a sprint. This race is a marathon and the guy who ends up on the top is the guy who perseveres and who continues to do the right thing irrespective of the challenges he faces.

“There are no short-term fixes; manna is not going to descend from the sky. We’ve got to do the things that we know to do and do them better than the other guy.”

Worrell was speaking as he and his wife Monica mounted a display of lights at the Governor’s official residence Newlands in Pine Hill, in keeping with the Yuletide season; the theme of which is Hope And Light.

“The message is that it is just as important to celebrate in difficult times as it is in times of triumph. Because in difficult times the celebration is what gives you the energy.

“You are celebrating the small triumphs – the little things that you have . . . life itself and health and so on. In Barbados we have so much to celebrate in spite of all of the difficulties; you don’t have the extremes of abject poverty and so on.

“We talk about how it has become a selfish society, but it is still a society where certain norms are respected, certain courtesies are given and . . . where there is a lot of giving; a sense of responsibility and helping others. Those are the things that we have to celebrate because [they] give us strength and hope that we can come through our difficulties because we have done it before and given the circumstances that we face, we are doing much better this time around than in the past.”


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