Luther Thorne celebrates good work


Students of the Luther Thorne Primary school have been told to strive for excellence at all times and be positive thinkers.

This advice came today as pupils, guardians and teachers gathered for the school’s prize giving ceremony at its Wildey, St Michael location. The theme was Excellence Is A Continuous Journey.

During her remarks, principal Marcia Best urged the students that while they were striving for excellence it should not only be about attaining “good grades”.

“Excellence speaks to maximizing the development of your intellectual capacities [and] your skills, so that you will be able to use these services for the advancement of humanity,” said Best.

She also called on the academic staff to continue to provide “a dynamic” environment for learning and on parents to continue to support their wards at all times.

In her feature address, former teacher Melanese Lashley said there was too much negative talk across the island, adding that she believed the future of the country was “bright”. Adding that it took “a village to raise our children”, Lashley said a greater sense of unity was needed to accomplish a prosperous future of the country and its people.

“My advice for you is to be open-minded and know who you are, and stand firm with your knowledge of right and wrong,” said Lashley.

“The future of what Barbados becomes lies on your shoulders. Commit yourself to your education and to your skills development. Everybody will not be an academic but you can become to most excellent skills person that there is,” the principal told her students.

Meanwhile, Joy Adamson, senior education officer in the Ministry of Education and Technology, urged the little ones to always think positive and believe in themselves.

Adamson also encouraged them to set attainable goals and choose their role models wisely, while at the same time calling on parents, guardians and teachers to “set the right examples” for the children to follow.

A number of students were rewarded with gifts for their academic performance throughout the year.

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