IMF meets with Govt


Officials from the IMF have been holding consultations with local Government ministers on the island’s economic sitution.

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss said this morning that IMF representatives had already held talks with him.

“I spent about two hours meeting with them last Thursday evening. I found the meeting to be very cordial, very candid. I, as minister, would have shared with them what has been happening in my sector, certainly the way forward, and we would have had general discussions around the macroeconomic environment that Barbados is functioning in today,” Inniss revealed.

However, he told reporters during the break of a regional meeting of ministers responsible for financial services at Radisson Aquatica Resort, Aquatic Gap, St Michael, that nevertheless, the IMF did not dictate what happens in this country.

“Their reports, of course, are used by themselves and others to inform decisions on relations with Barbados going forward, particularly in terms of financial and international arena. By the end of the day, we have to determine our own destiny,” declared the Cabinet minister.

“I think,” he added, “that has to be led by the Government.”

Inniss did not say whether or not Government had agreed on any specific economic arrangement with the international financial institution, only that the meetings were an annual affair under Article 4 consultations. (EJ)

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