Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education Senator Harry Husbands has taken issue with young road users, especially motorcycle enthusiasts, whom he has accused of blatantly flouting the island’s road traffic laws.

”Why in heavens is it necessary for these young men, several of them without helmets, to do what young people refer to as wheelie-ing in the public road on a holiday, when other people are using the road?” asked Husbands today.

”We have to address some of the failings of some of the young adults in this country [because] despite some of the best efforts of the Royal Barbados Police Force, namely the mobile division, this kind of activity continues,” he told the awards ceremony of the 2013 Barbados Road Safety Association National Primary School’s Road

Safety Competition, held in association with the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust at Cooperators General Insurance Company in Collymore Rock.

Recounting his daily trek to work during week days along High Street, The City, the senator noted that there was a tendency for people to walk in the road and in the path of traffic; a trend he noted always increased at this time of year.

“Again . . . somebody will have to explain it to me . . . . My wife says it is because there are so many vehicles, people have seemingly become immune to the dangers that a vehicle represents to people. So if you are travelling along High Street or near the top of Swan Street, every morning there are people walking in the street and if you should blow your horn, they look at you like . . . . As a matter of fact, I have taken a position where I inch along through that area. I don’t blow my horn, because nobody is going to grab me and give

me any lashes,” the Government official said. The senator also expressed concern over another worrying trend where the island’s gas stations were being used as liming spots at nights, especially on the weekend.

”. . . .And [they] use the streets near the gas station for the purpose of drag racing. Why would you lime outside of a gas station? I am of a different generation, I’m sorry, but the idea of liming outside of a gas station, with the fumes from the gas, from the exhaust of cars –– the attractiveness of that escapes me,” Husbands added.

He noted that competitions and educational efforts, such as those being undertaken by the Road Safety Association would go a long way in correcting some of the problems that were being seen now on the island’s road.


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