Pleased with polyclinic progress

St John residents express strong support for project, despite halt

DSC_0352Residents of St John, who had been made to wait 16 years for work to be restarted on the St John Polyclinic, which was started by a previous Democratic Labour Party Government and abandoned by the subsequent Barbados Labour Party administration, say they can wait another two to three months for the completion of the project.

It was restarted by the DLP in March 2011 with approval by Parliament of a total sum of $16.3 million. Work was originally due for completion by the end of 2012.

When a Barbados TODAY team visited the area, some residents were reluctant to be photographed, but were eager to express strong support for the project and the Freundel Stuart administration.

A respondent, who asked not to be photographed or identified, said: “I believe that some politicians need to be jailed. I am a supporter of the Democratic Labour Party, but if they steal they should be jailed also. It was a Barbados Labour Party Government which abandoned the project on assuming office in 1994. The people of St John had to wait 16 years before the project was restarted. In the meantime, the residents of St John were denied access to a polyclinic or travel to the Glebe, St George, to access adequate health care.”

A female respondent, who also asked not to be identified or photographed, said: “If the project has reached this advanced stage it will be completed. The project has come very, very far. For the past 16 years the site was overrun with bush. We are satisfied with the advanced stage of the project. The polyclinic will not only serve the people of St John, but St Joseph, St George and St Thomas.

Sheena Cooke, who was not opposed to having her identity disclosed or being photographed, said tersely: “The project has come a long way.”

Oswald Newton, who appeared to be in his midlife, said: “The project was a useful source of employment for the youths of the area. The polyclinic will reduce the load off the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and surrounding polyclinics. We are happy to have a state-of-the-art operating theatre in the polyclinic.”

Cheryl Maughn said: “The polyclinic will eventually be completed. The location of the polyclinic is ideal, because the clinic at Gall Hill floods out when there is heavy rain. The polyclinic will serve other parishes.”

Irvine Cooke said: “It is a good project. Once it has reached this stage it will be completed. It was started by a DLP government, but abandoned by a BLP administration for 14 years.”

Meanwhile, Cyriline Kennedy said: “I support the project. After it was in an unfinished state for so many years they should complete the project. Government should complete the project early next year.”

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