It starts at home, says AG

Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite has suggested that society look at itself first when looking to solve the problem of Domestic Violence, rather than waiting on government.

Drawing reference to the much talked about Domestic Violence Act, he noted that it dealing with the scourge was about much more than “putting some word on paper”

“You actually need to canvass all of the actors, look to the root causes, look to see how do you respond, put the machinery in place to ensure that you can respond. Yes, I will admit that we as a country may have taken a bit longer than I would have liked but this is driven by the Ministry of Family who consulted wide and far and even now have been looking at the whole gamut in terms of family law legislation.

“…But…Let’s speak about violence. My concern is, and I’ve said this before, we have become a very violent society and no doubt it must extend down into our households. I am told by teachers that I know that there are seeing more and more aggression within the schools. Most of all they are saying that they are seeing more aggression among young women; the young girls seem to be more aggressive than the males,” the Attorney General said, noting that society

had to look at its “foundation”. Look to see what has gone wrong in terms of our

teaching of our children, because if the foundation is bad, the house is going to be bad. It is going to implode at some point in time. That’s why I say it suits certain quarters to say that we need to address the legislation and that the police force is not doing what it is supposed to do and so on, but that is at the end of the road. The police intervene when there is a problem.

“I am saying let us intervene from early, let us look at our youngsters and see what has gone wrongs – and there are a couple of things. I see, even with my own children, they don’t watch love stories they watch on the Xbox and you see them shooting each other and you see a bunch of them sitting and that is all they do with a bunch of guns. They spend hours shooting each other. I don’t see any pictures of love and relationships and counseling and doing the right thing and being your brother’s keeper. They don’t sell, but what sells seems to be violence.” (RG)

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  1. Tony Webster November 30, 2013 at 10:17 am

    Yes Sir, let me support you on this one! It’s a no-brainer: from the inception of conception, to the day those precious ones “leave the nest”…everything starts at home! We -nor any other nation – can legislate moral values…no more than we can direct the wind from whence to blow!. Whether we might try by act of parliament..or by handing out welfare cheques to those whose aspirations are limited to getting more “freenesses”. Each and every parent shall always be judged by the character of their children…who will either bring them great pride… or shame!

    And may I ask His most wonderful blessings on all Barbadians this day!


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