In Service of Country

Shocked! This much summed up the feeling of Marcia Burrowes, who, in addition to the PhD behind her name, from this morning may now BSS –– Barbados Service Star.

The actress and cultural historian was among 24 Barbadians recognized and rewarded in this year’s Independence Honours.

“It is a humbling experience. I had no idea, and I am still in a bit of a shock, I suppose. So I am humbled. I more do what I do to bring new knowledge, to bring awareness, to research into the history and to find new ways of understanding how Barbadian history is structured,” she told Barbados TODAY.

In Burrowes’ case, she was recognized for “the invaluable contribution made to cultural development in Barbados by way of tracing the contribution made by the Barbados Landship to Barbados’ intangible heritage”.

She said The Landship had become one of her passions.

“I’ve been researching The Landship a very, very long time; officially when I was doing my PHD, which is in the 1990s. My interest was way before that. I am in the theatre, I am an actress, so I would have met [then] Captain [Vernon] Watson in Queen’s Park when I was a very young actress doing work. I remember saying to him that I was very curious about The Landship, but I never thought that it would develop into this,” Burrowes said.

A similar expression of surprise came from former registrar of the University of the West Indies, Andrew Lewis, who, for his contribution to tertiary education in Barbados through his meritorious institution-building work at the UWI, was awarded the Silver Crown Of Merit (SCM).

“It is really an honour to be recognized for service to your country. It is something that I had anticipated, or set as a target over the years. But I have to naturally thank God for giving me not only a long life, but also the mental and physical and other capacities to have worked in a way to have merited what is being awarded to me by the Government and people of Barbados, parents and my family.

“I would want to share the honour naturally with my colleagues at institutions such as Combermere School where I taught briefly, the Barbados Community College and ultimately, until my retirement, the University of the West Indies,” he told Barbados TODAY.


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